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Exuberant landscapes are one of the island of Madeira’s biggest tourist attractions. 

With such diverse and magnificent natural spaces, you can choose a more calm activity, or awaken your adrenaline with extreme sports. Get ready to discover settings alive with colour and movement that are so fabulous you will want to keep coming back time and again.


  • Social distancing measures have been implemented;
  • A permit is recommended to use the official walking trails;
  • Inspections by competent authorities;
  • Mandatory use of protective masks for the Monitoring Team;
  • Improved cleaning and disinfection;


  • Early or Online Check-In recommended;
  • Door-to-door transport recommended;
  • Capacity on walking tours limited to 90%;
  • Online purchase, digital tickets and electronic means of payment recommended;
  • Use of protective masks for staff and guests
  • Improved cleaning and disinfection;


Tourism Activities

– The vehicles used for tourism activities, carried out by tourist entertainment companies, or by travel and tourism agencies, cultural tourism activities, open-air tourism or mere transport within the scope of their own activities, may exhaust their transport capacity.

– The same rule applies to tourism activities at sea.

– In which case, they should;

* Make hand sanitiser available, and its use compulsory at the entrance of the vehicle, or vessel, in case of at-sea activities;

* Enforce the use of protective masks by customers and staff;

* Clean and disinfect the vehicle and/or vessel after each use.


Cultural or Outdoor Tourism Walking Activities

Tourist information professionals, provided that the specific local rules in force are taken into account, may accompany up to 50 tourists, and must ensure a social distance of two metres between people, unless they are from the same household.


Recreational Areas and Barbecues located in forests or protected areas

– Two-meter social is compulsory and social gatherings are forbidden, unless participants are from the same household, limited to 10 people.

– They must comply with respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette and hand hygiene

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