Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Archipelago of Madeira has adopted a set of preventive measures in order to combat the epidemiological evolution in the region. Thus on this page, you can consult the evolution of the pandemic as well as a set of new additional measures applied by the Regional Government of Madeira, with immediate effect as of 2 May.


Average of the last 14 days (11/07–24/07)

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In the Archipelago of Madeira vaccination started in December 2020, by priority groups.

By September 2021 we anticipate that 60-70% of the population will be vaccinated.

By May 2021 the entire tourism sector will be vaccinated.

Information updated on 18 July


Since 1 July 2020, Madeira and Porto Santo are fully open to international travellers. To ensure the safety of both tourists and residents, we have developed an action plan:

  1. It is recommended that all passengers are tested within 72 hours before departure.
  2. Passengers who have not been tested will have a free test upon arrival at the airport.
  3. All passengers, whether Portuguese citizens or foreigners, with scheduled trips to the Archipelago of Madeira, can perform PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) tests to COVID-19, free of charge, in several cities around the country.
  4. All passengers arriving in the region are entitled to a free PCR test, if they do not take the test on arrival they are allowed to take the test on departure (PCR OR ANTIGEN).


Procedure, to carry out the test free of charge on your return to your home country:

      • Registration at MadeiraSafe;
      • Submission of PCR test, with negative result, carried out at origin;
      • Validation of the submitted test – by the competent authorities;
      • After validation, an automatic questionnaire is triggered with the following questions:
        • On returning to your home country do you need to test for Covid-19? YES/NO
        • If yes, what kind of test?
          • PCR
          • Antigen quick test
      • The date of return to the country of origin is also asked;
      • Madeira Safe generates an automatic test booking, taking into account the passenger’s return date – the message is received by the passenger via email;
      • In the case of Madeira, the scheduling is done at Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital;
      • In the case of Porto Santo, the appointment is made for the Porto Santo health centre;
      • At the end, the passenger receives in his/her email, the official document with the result of his/her test.


If you have already been vaccinated, you are automatically exempt from the obligation of RT-PCR testing on arrival in Madeira and Porto Santo. In this case, you must present a document certifying that you have been vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the stipulated schedule and respecting the period of activation of the immune system foreseen in the SmPC (summary of product characteristics).

You must bring a passport or vaccination certificate validated by your country of origin, in English, stating the following information:

    1. Name;
    2. Date of birth;
    3. Health number;
    4. Type of vaccine and dates of the two doses of the vaccine.

You are also exempted from the test requirement if you present, at the time of landing, a medical document, issued within the last 180 days, certifying that you are recovered from the COVID-19 disease.

Note: All OFFICIAL vaccination documents of each country are accepted as a vaccination qualification document, even if in some cases they do not contain all the information required and mentioned above.


All travellers residing in the territory of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, emigrants from Madeira and their families, and students attending higher education institutions located in or outside of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, or under Mobility Programmes (ERASMUS, or others), who land at Madeira and Porto Santo airports, on flights coming from any territory outside the archipelago, are subject to the second SARS-CoV-2 screening PCR test between the fifth and seventh day after the first test.

Non-resident travellers/tourists travelling to the Autonomous Region of Madeira for leisure/tourism are exempt from this procedure.


The circulation between islands is currently under control, so passengers arriving at Porto Santo Airport who do not have a negative result from the PCR test for SARS-CoV-2, performed within 72 hours prior to boarding, must have the test performed, free of charge, on arrival.

Emigrants, migrants, students returning from holidays and all those who will cohabit with residents of Porto Santo Island, must present a negative PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 infection upon arrival, carried out within the previous 72 hours, and repeat the test between the fifth and seventh day after the date of the last test. During the period between landing and the second test, they must ensure full compliance with the surveillance and self-reporting of symptoms and COVID-19 prevention measures, until the negative result of the second test is obtained.

Note: Travellers arriving at the Porto Santo Airport on a flight from Madeira Airport or vice-versa, must have a negative result of the TRAg test for SARS-CoV-2, carried out within 48 hours prior to departure. 

Passengers boarding at the Port of Funchal must also carry a PCR test, with negative results, carried out within a maximum of 72 hours prior to boarding.

Boarding at the Port of Funchal:

Mandatory for boarding in the Port of Funchal, in the directions Funchal – Porto Santo and Porto Santo – Funchal:

  1. Quick Antigenic Test for SARS-CoV-2, with a NEGATIVE result, carried out 48 hours before the travel date, in pharmacies, laboratories and clinics (see button “Where can you carry out tests in Madeira?) This test is free of charge;
  2. OR, Certificate of Vaccination against COVID-19, with 2 doses administered, more than 14 days ago (show document printed on paper, at boarding);
  3. OR, Proof of Recovery (Valid up to 180 days), for travellers who have already had COVID-19 (show printed document on paper, at boarding);
  4. AND, Citizen Card.


In this case and in order to carry out the test, you should book the test with the Public Health and Emergency Unit, at least 4 days (96 hours) before the travel date, through the website:

Travellers should fill in all the identification data, and information regarding their trip (including ticket number), and will be notified by email to schedule their test.

After the test, the result is available on the MadeiraSafe platform, in the traveller’s profile, for later presentation at the entrance of the ship in the Port of Funchal.

Travellers may only continue their journey if the test result is negative, but in case of an inconclusive or positive result, they should remain in isolation and await contact from the health authorities.

There is no charge to the traveller for the PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 infection.

The following are exempt from taking the test:

  1. Children up to the age of eleven;
  2. Travellers in possession of a medical document, issued within the last 180 days, certifying that they have recovered from the disease COVID-19, or a document certifying that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19, or a person recovered from COVID-19 within 180 days and vaccinated with one of the accepted vaccines.


If the passenger tests positive to the PCR test, he/she will have to comply with compulsory confinement, if necessary compulsorily, for a period of 14 days, in a health establishment, at his/her home or in a hotel, subject to a decision by the competent health authorities.


In cases of repatriation, the Regional Government of Madeira collaborates with all diplomatic authorities and tourism operators involved.

Costs relating to repatriation operations should be covered by the travel insurance policy of the passengers concerned.


Passengers on diverging flights, from Madeira Airport to Porto Santo Airport, must remain in mandatory isolation at the airport until boarding, by air, for Madeira.

Passengers who wish to stay in Porto Santo or travel to Madeira by sea must undergo a PCR test at Porto Santo Airport, carried out by a team appointed by the municipal Health Authority, and remain in mandatory isolation until the result is obtained;

Passengers, who proceed with air travel from Porto Santo Airport to Madeira Airport, must be identified and their identifications reported to the Health Authority at Madeira Airport, who will evaluate the eventual exemption of the test, in case of a negative PCR. Passengers are advised to contact the respective airlines, tour operators or travel agents to adjust any changes that may arise.


It is recommended that all travellers take out travel insurance that covers illness as a result of infection with COVID-19. For this purpose, Madeira Travel Insurance is available, which information can be found at


Prohibition of Circulation:

Curfew is now in force between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m., including weekends.

Restriction of Commercial Activity:

Occupancy up to 2/3 of capacity and maintenance of basic protection measures.


– Closing time: midnight;

– Allocation up to 2/3;

– Distancing measures;

– 6 people per table inside and 10 outside.


– Closing time: midnight;

– Allocation up to 2/3;

– Distancing measures;

– Not allowed to drink at the bar or standing, inside or on the terraces;

– 6 people per table inside and 10 outside.

Gambling Establishments:

All gambling establishments, casinos, bingo or similar, during the week, must close at midnight.

Industrial, Commercial and Services Activities:

All establishment activities must close at midnight.

Exceptions are pharmacies, clinics and medical offices, home oxygen services, petrol stations (only for the supply of vehicles), the bakery sector, port loading and unloading activities and commercial establishments located inside airports in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, after the security control of passengers.

Tourist Activities:

– The vehicles used in the performance of tourism activities, carried out by tourist entertainment companies, or by travel and tourism agencies, may exhaust their transport capacity.

– The same rule applies to the activity of maritime tour operators.

Bathing Complex:

– The general rules of physical distancing, protection and hygiene of the spaces are maintained;

– The changing rooms, indoor showers and drinking fountains will remain closed, as will the limitation on the capacity of the bathing complexes (not to exceed one user per four square metres);

– This bathing season will see the reopening of the swimming pools and children’s playgrounds, sports facilities, equipment and floating platforms, the use of which will naturally be restricted and subject to the good practices recommended by the health authorities.

Shows, Events, Cultural Events and Conferences:

– They may be held with a capacity limited to 2/3 of the space, maintaining the distance rules in force.